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Industrial style decor in the living room

Industrial style decor in the living room

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The industrial style is still trendy. With his very loft spirit, he seduces lovers of an original decor. Do you like metal furniture, aged leather and brick walls? Here's how to create an industrial style in your living room.

Unusual furniture

Maisons du Monde ### Furniture is nothing classic in the industrial style! We opt for wooden pallets, low tables on casters, counters with multiple drawers…

Objects in the spotlight

Maisons du Monde ### To bring the industrial side into your interior, bet on objects such as fan blades on the wall, a clock whose system is apparent ... And to keep your interior welcoming, we choose large Chesterfield sofas for comfort.

A color code

Fly ### On the color side, bet on a shades of neutral colors. Choose brown colors with wood and leather but also black and gray with metal. Feel free to spice it up with warm colors like red.

Stripped storage

Fly ### To give a factory atmosphere in your living room, swap your classic bookcase for aluminum shelves which have a very raw side. To warm it all up, opt for a graphic rug and a colorful sofa.