Design stoves and fireplaces to enhance your living room

Design stoves and fireplaces to enhance your living room

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Symbol of conviviality par excellence, fireplaces and stoves are essential elements of a warm and comfortable interior. Today suitable for all types of interiors, they seduce us with their high efficiency, their foolproof reliability and the energy savings they provide. Contemporary, rustic or classic, discover the selection of 10 trendy and efficient stoves and fireplaces.

An ultra-comfortable wood stove

De Dietrich For optimal heating comfort and a guaranteed flame show in your living room, opt without delay for the Ebenis wood stove. Cylindrical in shape, Ebenis plays the card of contemporary design with two finishes to choose from, anthracite or black. It's up to you to choose the one that will fit your interior.

Ensure comfort with a backup solution

De Dietrich Looking for an aesthetic and trendy backup heater? Look no further and adopt the Tillia wood stove. Used in auxiliary heating, the living space is welcoming, combining simplicity and savings. Its advantage: it adapts to all interiors: modern, classic, contemporary ... We love it!

A 100% modular fireplace

Brisach Difficult to harmonize the multimedia space and the fireplace. The Brisach brand has imagined a revolutionary, completely tailor-made fireplace, which meets all configurations and all lifestyles ... Now you have to select the fireplace and the shape of your fireplace / multimedia space and voila.

An ecological fireplace

Bionaire Bringing the necessary heat to your accommodation while achieving energy savings is possible thanks to this sublime modern style fireplace. Combining design and functionality, it will allow you to transform the air inside your home, to bring the essential comfort to your family and thus guarantee you a pure and healthy domestic environment.

A psychedelic effect fireplace

Chemin'Arte Ultra-design, the Pure Inox XXL electric fireplace by Chemin'Arte has not finished seducing you. With its flame effect and its red, green, blue and yellow LEDs you can change the color of your flames as you wish and thus warm up your living room with style and originality.

A fireplace stove

Brisach Imagined by renowned designer Fréderic Sofia, the Janeiro fireplace stove will seduce you with its very refined style which modernizes the use of stone. We like the pure white of the stone and the optional side log holder.

A fireplace for small spaces

EWT You are running out of space in your small apartment so go ahead and opt for the EWT electric fireplace. In addition to its small size, you can move it at your convenience and according to your desires. One day in your living room, the next day in your bedroom.

A wood stove with a traditional look

Leroy Merlin Very popular this season, wood stoves are no longer hidden and are on display as an integral part of our interiors. Lover of retro or classic, this fireplace is made for you. Its more? Its large opening which will allow you to fully enjoy the spectacle of fire.

A mirror that revisits the traditional wood stove

Brisach Looking for a discreet wood stove to decorate your living room. Bet on the audacious Alice wood stove signed Brisach. When the stove is lit, the mirror disappears in favor of the spectacle of the flames. When turned off, it becomes a traditional mirror again.