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Parasols, sails and arbors, our selection at low prices

Parasols, sails and arbors, our selection at low prices

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Even if the sun is slow to tip the tip of your nose, equip yourself for the beautiful days with a parasol, an arbor or a veil that will protect you from the heat of its rays and its heat. To place in a corner of the terrace, to install in the center of the table or to hang on trees, this season they will prevent your decor from getting hot!

Ikea rectangular parasol: 99 euros

Ikea We are used to seeing round umbrellas, but be aware that they also exist in rectangular form which adapt to large garden tables. Prefer it like this one with an air hole that allows wind and heat to circulate.

Maisons du Monde bamboo parasol: € 59.99

Maisons du Monde A note of exoticism awaits your garden with this turquoise blue bamboo parasol. With its original color and shape, it should be adopted without further delay to adorn your garden with an ethnic chic style.

Hawaii Parasol Festifun: 34.50 euros

Festifun Truly covered with raffia, this 100% Hawaiian parasol sets the tone for your garden decor. All you have to do is prepare delicious cocktails and put on your flip-flops.

Delamaison balcony umbrella: 69 euros

delamaison You had to think about it: an umbrella that allows the balcony maximum protection! Its particular shape and its T-shaped foot allow it to be leaned and well attached to the wall of your facade, thus leaving no possible interstice to the rays of the sun! Too bad for him…

Deported parasol Maisons du Monde: 399 euros

Maisons du Monde In the family of parasols, I ask for the deported parasol! Ideal for protecting a garden furniture from the sun, it offers a beautiful shade area.

Ikea green arbor: 24.90 euros

Ikea Very economical, this light arbor can be assembled and disassembled in no time. Green in color, it harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding nature!

Arbor Alice's Green: 119 euros

Alice's Green Perfect if your terrace does not have a roof, the arbor allows you to protect yourself from the sun and the wind in fine weather and to tidy up once the season is over.

Maisons du Monde metal arbor: 169 euros

Maisons du Monde Inspired by arbors in the gardens of Provence, this metal arbor covered with an ecru veil can either be attached to the facade or installed in the middle of the garden. Its rounded and flexible lines give it a note of elegance to enjoy delicious moments in the shade.

Leroy Merlin shade sail: 19.90 euros

Leroy Merlin Increasingly in vogue, shade sails hang everywhere in the garden. On the branches of the trees, on the facade of the house, we love its airy and flexible design which evokes the sails of a sailboat to make the decor travel!