10 poetic gifts for Mother's Day

10 poetic gifts for Mother's Day

Decorative ideas, flowery, wrapped in love and tenderness, here are 10 for your darling mom. Because Mother's Day is coming soon!

A table decoration with roses

D'Home Productions No gifts on the horizon? Bet at least on a perfect table decoration, including roses. Beautifully staged, planted in moss and arranged in candlesticks, and that will make a strong impression…

A cup named "Love"

The Collection Because offering personalized mugs is trendy, we vote for this one which we are already in love!

A beautifully labeled gift

The Collection The content of the gift for your mom is already found? You just have to pack it well! To make the difference, know that there are divine labels in kraft like this one. What to double the effect of surprise!

Flower candles

Designers Guild Diffusing the same scent of roses, candles are an original option to favor when faced with the traditional bouquet of flowers! Even better if their design is entirely in bloom, enough to remain faithful to the bucolic poetry of Mother's Day!

A poster to say I love you

The Collection Framing the letters "L.O.V.E" for your mom is a pretty way to say I love you, isn't it?

A bouquet of flowers stickers

dé Another variation of the bouquet style: the stickers! It sits on the window and is visible on both sides of the glass. Result, we fell in love.

An unusual bouquet

D'Home Productions For Mother's Day, the most classic gift idea there is, the bouquet of roses! Since it is still unanimous, we start anyway, provided we make it more original. Like this unusual box filled with roses to the brim! The instructions to discover: here!

Bucolic decorative items

Zara Home The saga of flowery gifts continues, between candlesticks, vases and cushions adorned with pretty flowers ... Everything to delight romantic and dreamy moms.

A pretty vase

The Collection Rather than a bouquet, why not bet on the container where to install future pickings from the garden? We love the porcelain model here and its customized milk jug look.