A classic style decor in the bedroom

A classic style decor in the bedroom

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Nothing like a classic style room for a great night! Indeed, this very elegant style will give your room the spirit of a particular hotel. Then bet on furniture, colors and fabrics that will bring softness. Here are some ideas for creating a classic style in your bedroom.

A very fresh color code


### The bedroom must be soothing, so bet on soft and refreshing colors. Choose a shade of white, beige, gray and taupe. Do not hesitate to bring light into the room by choosing thin curtains for the day.

Beautiful bed linen

Yves Delorme

### Don't neglect your bed linen. Instead choose old sheets with embroidery and multiply the pillows like a hotel. Opt for white for the classic spirit and if you want patterns, opt for discreet flowers.

Classic accessories

Houses of the world

### Bet on a monumental headboard that will keep your nights. Accessorize the bedroom of a very large candelabra. On the furniture side, you can place a convertible armchair near the bed.

Classic furniture

Houses of the world

### When it comes to furniture, care should be taken to choose furniture with simple but elegant lines. We then opt for slightly curved legs, openwork headboards and lamps with ornate feet.