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A four-poster bed for a charming night

A four-poster bed for a charming night

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Romantic, full of charm and a real cocoon of privacy, the four-poster bed has it all. Very popular in its white wrought iron version, it also knows how to be very decorative in its wooden version. On the fabric side, we choose according to the mood we want to give, light curtains or more opaque curtains. To help you make your choice, here are 10 atmospheres where the canopy has imposed itself in style.

Rustic curtains

This rustic-style room has a wooden structure with a roof to create a real cocoon of privacy. As for the curtains, we opt for authenticity with a blue and white check pattern.

Without curtains

Did you say canopy bed, without curtains? To avoid the charming effect, you can also leave the structure without sheer, so the canopy will only create a very designer geometric volume.

Royal ambiance

To recreate an atmosphere worthy of a castle in your room, bet on a canopy decorated with heavy blackout curtains. And so that the look is 100% royal, we choose blue and covered with golden embroidery.

A warm chalet

The warm side of the chalet style is accentuated by the structure of the wooden bed which transforms it into a canopy. Here, no need for curtains, bed linen and decor create the cocooning atmosphere.

Vitamin E

Fine metal frame, light curtains, this room has opted for the simple version of the canopy. To awaken the decor, only a few touches of color seize the walls and the bed linen.


Since graphic patterns are on trend, we hasten to adopt them in the bedroom as a canopy curtain. And if you are not afraid to energize the room, you can even add two cushions covered with the same black and white design.


If you want your bed to be a real cocoon of privacy, opt for blackout curtains but in a light color so that the light can still pass through. Romanticism is unquestionably there.

Travel to Brazil

Large white sails to ventilate a room with an exotic look, here is the editorial's favorite. Fixed to the ceiling and not to a wooden structure, they give the impression of being suspended in a vacuum for a fall on the bed full of charm.

A contemporary canopy

We like the aerial side of this canopy which gives a particular look to the room without overloading the decor. We already see ourselves pulling the fine veils at bedtime.