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Wooden terrace: instructions for use

Wooden terrace: instructions for use

To enjoy the sunny days, wooden terraces are ideal. Wood invites relaxation and conviviality while retaining a noble and natural touch. On the technical side, the advantages of the wooden terrace are numerous: durability, stability, speed of installation and ease of maintenance. Before you start, here are some tips for a successful wooden deck.

The structure

Finnforest ### The wooden terraces are installed on joists to hold the boards. So for the whole to be resistant, it is advisable to choose a species as dense as that of the blades. To protect the wood, you can also apply a preservative on the cut parts.

The pose

Finnforest ### Be sure to buy a few more planks than necessary, so that you can replace them in the event of an installation error or even afterwards for renovation. To install the boards, place them on the joists and mark at least 20 mm from the edge of the board.


Finnforest ### Pre-drill the marks on the blades and fix them now by inserting a screw. The most durable solution that will provide the best support is to choose a fixing with two screws.


Finnforest ### Beforehand, make sure you prepare the ground well. It is necessary that the space is delimited and that the ground is level. Do not hesitate to cover it with a geotextile anti-regrowth membrane.