10 unusual objects for the office

10 unusual objects for the office

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Who says the office has to be boring? To put a little originality on the desk and add a touch of fun to your workspace, you can count on some unusual accessories. We have selected 10 objects that are sure to challenge you.

Scotch in the feminine

3M And if you are a woman, you will rather fall for this dispenser which takes the shape of a pump to distribute the scotch tape you need at the office.

A precious reel

3M And because diamonds are also a woman's best friend, you can bet on a post-it machine that takes the shape of a diamond. Something to play girly at the office!

An industrial tool reel

Black + Blum If you rather want a strong dispenser and that has a little effect on your desk, you can bet on this metal model that plays the performance card with a lead base and a very sharp blade.

A rule like no other

Atypyk For all those who would like to kill their co-worker, only one accessory to have imperatively: the ruler in the shape of a pistol. Your office enemies should understand the message.

The rainbow decor

Pa Design And if you want to see the life of the office in color, treat yourself to this very joyful rainbow that turns into a highlighter of color when you need it. It is practical and decorative to brighten up the office.

Hackers invade the computer

Pa Design To give your computer an original look, little hackers set up on the screen and some place themselves on the keyboard to deliver important messages when you are not there.

An original pencil sharpener

Pa Design What if you sharpen your pencils like you open a good bottle? This is probably what will happen with this corkscrew-like pencil sharpener. Be careful not to use it for your bottles. And we remind you that it is recommended not to drink at work!

Mustache pencils

Atypyk To be on top of the trend right down to your pencils in the office, we put on wooden pencils that sport mustaches. You will choose the shape of your mustache according to your mood.

Sticky notes in a tree

Pa Design To remind you that each sticky note used is a piece of tree, nothing like memos that take this form. A good idea to remember not to waste.