When small spaces optimize storage

When small spaces optimize storage

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When there is a lack of space and you want to store as much as possible, you have to optimize the storage units. We therefore do not hesitate to multiply them, and organize them so that we can always store more. Here are 10 optimization ideas to discover in pictures.

Nooks used

Ikea If you have nooks you think are useless, think again! You can use every corner to place storage furniture. Under a staircase for example, you can have a small chest of drawers, shelves, storage boxes and trolleys to use the space to the nearest millimeter.

Stacked furniture

Ikea To save space, we do not hesitate to stack the different pieces of furniture to gain height. For example, shelves can be placed on low furniture.

A wall-mounted dressing room

Ikea To store clothes, you can bet on dressing modules that allow you to use the wall in a tailor-made way to optimize the space as much as possible and change the structure as needed.

A storage partition

Paragraph To separate two spaces, rather than using a removable partition, prefer to place a storage unit. We choose it in the form of lockers so that the gaze can pass to lighten the space.

A storage wall

Alinéa Do not hesitate to have shelves on the entire wall surface in order to store the necessities of each space. A space can be dedicated to dishes, another to books…

Smart storage

Paragraph Instead of choosing a simple table for meals, we prefer to choose a piece of furniture that combines storage and table so that you can have kitchen accessories on hand. It's practical and saves space!

Furniture everywhere

Alinéa Also consider using furniture that can slip into any space. You will opt for example for a very narrow wardrobe which can thus slip into an entrance.

Libraries multiplied

Purpose To gain storage space, do not hesitate to use all the spaces in your interior. For example, you can slide a storage unit under the window to use this space, which is normally unused.

A storage partition

Castorama To create a practical partition, you will find modules which are fixed from the floor to the ceiling and allow to accommodate ideal shelves for storing some accessories.