Paris makes the wall!

Paris makes the wall!

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The city of Paris has inspired many artists. Give him the most beautiful decor by inviting him to your home. Wallpaper, trompe l'oeil, tiling or wall covering with material effects suits the City of Light on your walls.

Eiffel Tower

Ohmywall Paris would not be Paris without the Eiffel Tower! Plant the decor in your living room with this wallpaper that reproduces the architecture of the bridge keeper.

Very Haussmannian moldings

Elitis Baron Haussmann marked the city of Paris with his architecture. Rediscover the charm of Haussmannian apartments by adopting this textured wallpaper on your walls.

Get away in a few strips!

Ohmywall A direct view of the zinc roofs of Paris and a blue sky all year round, it's possible! This wallpaper format is a photo taken from the rooftops under the scorching August sun that invites you to a good mood.

A direct view of the Eiffel Tower

Koziel A direct view of the Eiffel Tower is finally affordable thanks to trompe-l'oeil. Simple to install, they are a decorative and original solution to create an exceptional decor.

A clear view of Paris

Ohmywall The drawings were made by hand from the work "Rue d'Orchampt". Representing an exceptional and meticulous work the city of Paris is drawn on 360 °.

Woodwork like in the 19th century

Elitis Treat yourself to a decor worthy of the most beautiful apartments of the 19th century with this wall covering which reproduces relief woodwork.

The famous metro tiling

In a revisited version, the metro tiles take possession of the walls and are displayed in black. Ideal for an urban style in a trendy city dweller!

Like at the bistro

Ohmywall The barter shops are part of Paris. Recreate the charm of these places full of character by decorating your wall with this strip of wallpaper, very greedy.