Mustache in 10 original creations

Mustache in 10 original creations

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Since 2009, the Mustache publishing house has not failed to count in the design landscape thanks to creations of character combining quirky spirit and poetry. To discover or rediscover Mustache editions, here are 10 emblematic creations in pictures.

The Moto wall lamp

Mustache Imagined by the designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, these wall lights bet on the shift while being inspired by motorcycle helmets. The idea is then to offer an urban atmosphere to the decor with originality.

The Vaporetto table lamp

Mustache This balloon-style lamp is the work of Inga Sempé who wanted to evoke a light and poetic cloud. It offers subtle and vaporous lighting thanks to the paper that diffuses the light.

The Bold chair

Mustache Imagined by Big Game, this creation is a funny metallic structure tracing the shape of a chair. The result is quirky and full of humor while providing a soft comfort thanks to the foam that dresses the whole.

Ooga Booga coat rack

Mustache This funny creation is the work of Bertjan Pot who has revisited the traditional trophy to make it a sleek and conceptual coat rack. Almost a work of art!

The Quadrille chair

Mustache Work of François Azambourg, this chair is entirely made of wood thanks to the know-how of talented cabinetmakers. She thus mixes tradition and modernity by combining artisanal technique and refined design.

The Gavotte armchair

Mustache For this other creation, François Azambourg used the same techniques as for the Quadrille chair, but this time he offers an ideal low armchair to integrate into a living room.

The corner foam shelf

Mustache Made of ceramic, the Mousse shelf is designed to take over the corners of the house and create a surprise in every corner of the room.

The Deer Trophy

Mustache To change traditional hunting trophies, Big Game relies on a contemporary wooden model that plays the card of the unusual.

The Cave lamp

Mustache Here is a poetic lamp imagined by the designer Benjamin Graindorge. True sculpture, it recalls a cave where the light is reflected on the walls, bringing poetry to the house.