Smart shopping to furnish a studio

Smart shopping to furnish a studio

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Design ideas for a studio: double-use furniture and practical storage!

Practical and smart offices

La Redoute A real office is essential for organizing, whether for studies or to classify your first bills ... But not easy to find practical storage without cluttering the space. Corner desk, computer cabinet or even office shelf, there are many solutions depending on your needs and your IT equipment.

A mezzanine to preserve the space

Delamaison If you have enough ceiling height, the loft bed is the ideal solution to optimize space. The vacated space can thus be used to accommodate an office or a sitting area. Note however that the loft beds are on average 1.80m high, so don't bother to think about it with a ceiling height of less than 2.60m.

Multi-function tables

Liftable coffee table, folding table that folds away in a jiffy, or clever table that is both a bar and a worktop? There is no shortage of solutions to install a real dining table in a studio while keeping space!

Dual use storage

La Redoute Optimizing space is the key word in the layout of a studio. To help you do this, opt for smart, double-use or easily retractable storage. Foldable wardrobes, trolleys on wheels, trunks that can serve as booster seats… There is no shortage of solutions!

Luxurious space saving

ALD To take advantage of a small space without sacrificing comfort, ALD offers this piece of furniture! During the day, you can enjoy the sofa and at night a real bed. This duo is brilliantly complemented by storage spaces.

Boxes of all kinds

Maisons du Monde Storage boxes are ideal for small spaces. We put what we want and we put them where we want! There are all kinds, enough to create an offbeat decor.

The folding chair

Oppla Bois The folding chair is without doubt one of the most beautiful creations. She is practical and today we can say that she is pretty. A real gain place!

A convertible with style

Maisons du Monde No more traditional click-clack! Today, convertibles have style and offer a multitude of possibilities in terms of decoration. Here you discover a red and retro model available at Maisons du Monde.

All in one furniture

Convertible space All-in-one furniture is the ally of small spaces. Admittedly they can represent a real budget but they remain more affordable than a few square meters. Here you find a convertible surrounded by storage. A practical and modern piece of furniture.

Long live the lanterns

Delamaison The light garlands offer the possibility of lighting a room in an offset way while saving space since they hang on the wall. What are you waiting for to find yours?


Maisons du Monde Furniture on casters is perfect for a studio. You put them wherever you want! Today, you will easily find tables on casters, occasional furniture and even small storage boxes.

A modular living room

Matthew Pauk Here is a salon that has it all. Daily and evening, it adapts to the number of guests. We love the practicality and the design!

A beautiful mezzanine

Oliver supplies Finally a beautiful mezzanine! This modern piece of furniture is very practical but often devoid of style. Today, the mezzanines display a more classic design and give character to any studio.

The practical table

Cdiscount Here is a coffee table to adopt urgently. It has a sober and modern design and above all two additional seats. The table and its two poufs will also delight all budgets.