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Teens dream of an original bedside table

Teens dream of an original bedside table

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Our teenagers also have the right to a personal decoration, which does not resemble all that of their friends. We make them happy with the original bedside table, which they dreamed of. The decor of their room takes on a whole new dimension depending on the furniture and accessories that are placed there: with storage, offset, neutral or colorful… Each has its own style for a personalized bedside table.

A white bedside table

Archiproducts To soften an overly colorful room, it is soothed with a small table painted white. Associated with colored furniture, it is the moment of breathing of the room. Be careful with the tastes of some teens in terms of visual shock, that it is sometimes necessary to know how to restrain without restricting their creativity.

A complete bedside table and its family

Cozy Side Mismatching furniture has never hurt anyone. But the reverse is not false either, so for a unified atmosphere we have fun with a bedside table to his taste, and then we fall for the rest of his family. Teenagers often find a dresser, a headboard or a wardrobe to coordinate.

A girl's bedside table

Cozy Side Pink, black and a few touches of white, that's all you need for your princess on the way to becoming a woman. But in the meantime, we make him happy and we accompany him in his exit from childhood, without forgetting that it is his room and therefore his personal tastes.

A minimalist bedside table

Côté Cozy Home decoration fever touched your senior? Here he too, just like you, obsessed with minimalism, Swedish design and beautiful pieces that last? It is served with this small table which contains storage but which is discreet despite everything.

A denim bedside table

On the Cozy Trompe-l'oeil side, overprints or original design… that's enough to trap your teenager's guests with this table in faux jeans and white stitching. The stitching gives the impression of a real piece of fabric glued to the drawer. This will amuse more than one!

A wooden bedside table

Simple but effective, a wooden bedside table that we choose to match with the rest of the furniture. For more originality we can decide to repaint it entirely or partially - just the drawer, to add stickers or stencils. It will become unique after a rapid passage between its hands.

An industrial bedside table

Maisons du Monde Welcome to New York, in your teenager's new loft. Often preferred by boys, this trend can also be combined with the feminine, adding some lighter touches. In all cases, they will prefer heavy furniture, yellow and red as well as a brushed metal bedside table.

A marine bedside table

Maisons du Monde We are back on a boat, on a journey, to discover new horizons or simply to enjoy the calm of the deserted beaches. Anyway, a pretty little table with a marine atmosphere, which hides a very useful storage, like a beach cabin.

A lively bedside table

Pet the Put At the limit of the cartoon, our favorite in terms of bedside table, it is this creation of the studio Pet the Put. With his only open eye and his minimalist mouth represented by a line, this little character makes us crack. We can already imagine biting him when he doesn't want it anymore!


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