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Small spaces: the coffee table you need!

Small spaces: the coffee table you need!

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You lack space but do not want to do without a coffee table? You will find very ingenious models designed for small surfaces in order to optimize space and especially the storage surface. Discover 20 tables you need to save space.

A simple end of the sofa

Fly To save space, you can also opt for an XXS coffee table that will take up little space and can be used in different places in the house because it can be moved easily. Know that a side table will be perfect!

A table and its storage tray

Alinéa Some tables offer a double tray in order to store some accessories. This will be ideal if you want to have some magazines on hand or bottles for the aperitif.

A shelf table

Ikea Be ingenious and opt for a table that you can accessorize with storage boxes. For this, the coffee table only has a double tray in order to be able to arrange the boxes on the lower level. You can then store papers discreetly.

A table on wheels

AM.PM So that the coffee table is not bulky, you can choose a model on casters that allows you to use the coffee table for different activities and especially to store it when necessary.

A lifting table

Paragraph To save space, you can also couple the coffee table with the dining room table. We then choose a liftable model that will unfold only for dinners in order to offer you a high table.

A revisited table

Paragraph Instead of opting for a real table, you can also choose a revisited coffee table like a tree trunk for example. Not only does this allow you to establish the decor style but also to take up little space.

A 2 in 1 table

Alinéa If you opt for a small table that takes up little space, consider choosing a pull-out model that will allow you to enlarge the table when necessary without taking up space the rest of the time.

A storage table

Maisons du monde Some coffee tables offer a classic look but have an opening so that objects can be stored inside the table. Here, the glass table plays the practical and decorative card by welcoming favorite bottles or books.

A table where to sit

Maisons du monde If this coffee table is a little larger than the average it is because it contains four poufs below which allow to transform the table into space for the meal. All without taking up space during the day.

Extra seating

Delamaison Here is a coffee table in which it is possible to store 4 poufs, or 4 additional seats! An idea of ​​genius that will appeal to all those who lack space and more particularly to students.

Small designer tables

H&M Home A small table can be simple and very pretty! This is shown by these two models of coffee tables available at H&M Home. We love their curves and the duo's perfect harmony. Our favorite !

A bench for coffee table

Hans Blomquist Here is a splendid idea to sting! Whether you want to define your living room or if this space is very long, opt for a bench as a coffee table. This small piece of furniture is spacious and offers a real touch of originality to your interior.

Charm and storage

La Redoute This attractive natural wood table seduces us with its charm. Thanks to its many drawers, it offers storage space that will save you a lot of space. This is the table to favor if you like traditional decor.

Convenient and mobile

La Redoute This table is the key element of an urban decor. Modern and very practical, it is equipped with two wheels which facilitate its movement. Very practical in a small living room!

A table full of surprises

Deploy Here is a coffee table full of surprises! In addition to displaying a sober and resolutely trendy design, it opens to reveal a multitude of storage spaces. Space saving guaranteed!

Petite and clever

La Redoute This little table has everything of a big one. Its atypical shape allows it to offer storage on the lower part as well as a magazine holder on the side. Available at La Redoute, the table displays a very soft price.

A compact table

Tikamoon This black coffee table is exceptional. It is small and compact, yet it has a shelf and a drawer for storing your remote controls and magazines. The table adapts to all styles of decoration!

A game of transparency

Zara Home Thanks to this transparent table, the smallest space is highlighted. Your living room looks bigger and much brighter!

Trio of tables

La Redoute Here are three practical and pleasant nesting tables. They fit together to save you space and thanks to their featherweight, you can store them wherever you want! We crack!