A hobby, a dedicated room

A hobby, a dedicated room

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Certain hobbies stick to our skin. Some of them have even become a passion. Sewing, painting, music, DIY or gardening, whatever your dearest hobbies, here is a neat book of inspirations to set up in your home, a space reserved for it. The idea? Take twice as much time to do what you like ... See instead:

A DIY space

Ikéa For DIY enthusiasts, here is a space with storage and a desk to inspire you! The little extra: the walls have been greatly optimized. Shelves, boxes, credenza bars and magnetic bars have found accommodation there, allowing its owner to easily find his tools!

An artistic space

Ikéa Make way for creativity! Here is a workshop of 100% arty improvised artists close to the show. Like what, everything is possible to give pride of place to his passion!

A creative leisure space

Ferm Living Creative leisure is trendy! Hop, a table and some storage later, the concept of "do it yourself" is fully integrated into the home.

Homemade kitchen area

Thank you Cooking is probably in the top 3 hobbies among the French. Result: the kitchen (or summer kitchen) becomes the space of choice for making homemade jams, preserves and pretty jars from fruits and vegetables from the garden!

A music space

Ikéa If you play an instrument, keyboard, guitar and more, here is how, using a simple box shelf, isolate a "music studio" space in the living room!

A gardening area

Ikea Gardening also has its loyal fans. So much so that on the balcony, the terrace, the garden or even indoors, there is no hesitation in dedicating a space to planting potted flowers, extra vegetable gardens, botany or floral arrangements!

A designer space

Ikea We are sure. It is not uncommon for some of you to have designer fibers in your skin! After all, making furniture yourself is accessible to all those who master the basics of DIY and who have a keen sense of the architecture of a piece of furniture. For you, here is a room entirely dedicated to this hobby, to say the least. An inspired decor and funny inspiring…

A collections area

Leroy Merlin For some, collecting is a real passion. Their collections rightly deserve a VIP space, at least. There, quietly reading dozens of comics or listening to his twenty or so discs for hours on end becomes exhilarating.

A painting space

Ikea Children also have the right to their studio of budding artists. A few pots hanging above a large desk to store brushes, pencils and sheets of paper, and the creative zone is created!