Smart kitchen storage

Smart kitchen storage

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Because the kitchen is generally small for the time we spend there, it is better to use smart storage so as not to feel cramped when simmering good dishes. Zoom on good storage ideas to adopt urgently.

Half shelves in the cupboards

Ikea ### To optimize the space in the kitchen cupboards as much as possible, shelves are added between two shelves to place double the glasses, boxes or spices. A clever solution for storage by Ikéa.

Invest the storage walls

Leroy Merlin ### For discreet, practical and space-saving storage, we take over the walls! Wall shelves are good solutions to put some kitchen accessories that you want to have quickly on hand, such as a cookbook or a few pots. One can also think of the magnetic bar or the wall hooks as a wardrobe for utensils. Hang pots, spatulas, ladles, skimmer ... It's your turn!

Boxes to distinguish ingredients

Ikéa ### A practical kitchen, it is also a kitchen where we store food (rice, pasta ...) as well as spices and other ingredients (sugar, salt, pepper, basil ...) in separate compartments for s 'find it more easily. Here, the spices are distributed in pots hanging on the wall, within easy reach. Optimization of space and practicality guaranteed!

A tall cabinet to store foldable furniture

Leroy Merlin ### In small kitchens, foldable chairs are popular because they are easy to store when not in use. It is still necessary to have where to store them so that they do not visually clutter the space. The ideal? Tall furniture in which it is easy to hide them. Neither seen nor known !


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