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"Perfumery" atmosphere in the bathroom

"Perfumery" atmosphere in the bathroom

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Do you have a habit of strolling in the stores dedicated to perfumes and beauty products? Get inspired by these shops to reinvent the decor of your bathroom! Here are 10 ideas to inspire you.

In the window

Maisons du Monde Display cabinets allow you to enhance the products displayed there, just like in stores. Here, the towels are highlighted. Next to them, our prettiest bottles are also highlighted…

Exhibition pieces

Ikéa Inspired by the perfumes of the time, these pretty bottles are proudly displayed on the dressing table in the bathroom. So much so that we only see them!

In capital letters

Maisons du Monde You can explicitly create a "perfumery" atmosphere in the bathroom! With a piece of furniture displaying "Parfumerie" in capital letters, the message is clear and the decor well planted.

Served on a platter

Ferm Living Served on a tray, these beauty products are essential, air of nothing, in the heart of the bathroom.

On the bookshelf

Ikéa Whether white or black, the shelf that will accommodate your beauty products will highlight them, as in a real perfumery.

Rare pearls

Maisons du Monde Beside the bathtub, behind the doors of an elegant display case, beauty products are displayed like rare items.

Trompe l'oeil

Ikea Having no pretty flasks to display, the bathroom can still be played chic perfumery by opting for stickers in the form of perfume bottles. We love a little, a lot, madly!

Well kept

Ikéa Hidden behind the mirror, these essential oils seem to be the treasure of the bathroom.


Ikéa In the bathroom, the beauty products are proudly aligned on the shelves, creating a very successful "collection" effect.