5 sofas for a very comfortable living room

5 sofas for a very comfortable living room

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The living room is a real room to hang out, whether in front of the TV or with a good book, so be well settled! For this, you need a sofa that is both soft and spacious where you can take any position you want. Discover our selection of canapes.

A cocooning sofa

Maisons du Monde ### For a very enveloping sofa, we choose this double chaise longue to curl up in a soft plaid. The cushions provide real comfort and the structure allows you to put yourself in a semi-lying position.

A footrest sofa

Ikea ### To make a traditional sofa more comfortable, you can easily add a footrest that will allow you to extend your legs when you are installed. The sofa thus has a kind of removable chaise longue because the footrest can also be used as an ottoman when you need more space.

A round sofa

La Redoute ### To ensure comfort and space, bet on a sofa with rounded shapes between the bed and the chaise longue. You will be able to lie down comfortably or simply be in a sitting position with your legs supported.

A sofa bench

La Redoute ### For an indisputable softness, bet on an ethnically inspired foam bench. As a backrest, choose a multitude of cushions that will envelop you.


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