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Various materials for my terrace

Various materials for my terrace

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The materials for the terraces are numerous. Wood (acacia, locust, bangkiraï), porcelain stoneware, composite wood (wood + PVC), stone (flat or pebble) are frequently found. Here are some atmospheres of terraces to get inspired…

Lapeyre synthetic grass grating clip on terrace

Lapeyre Synthetic grass covering. For a terrace or a natural balcony when you don't have a real lawn. An increasingly popular solution.

Lapeyre pebbles grating terrace nature countryside accessories oranges

Lapeyre Terrace in pebble grating. The installation of the gratings is simplified. The pebbles bring a natural aspect to the terrace with a mineral atmosphere.

LAPEYRE composite wood grating

Lapeyre Terrace in composite wood existing in gray or brown. This terrace allows a natural aspect with low prices.

Premium blades

Lapeyre Premium blades in composite wood, mixing wood flour and PVC. The anthracite gray of this model offers a contemporary or even urban aspect. To enhance colors.

Natural pebble grating atmosphere

Lapeyre Terrace in black and white pebbles. A very decorative side for this terrace which still retains a natural side thanks to the pebbles.


Lapeyre Skipper porcelain stoneware terrace. A terrace covering imitating wood very well. Easy maintenance and weather resistance.


Lapeyre Viking porcelain stoneware terrace with wood look. A terrace that retains a natural charm with all the qualities of porcelain stoneware such as easy maintenance and weather resistance.


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