One room, one color: get inspired

One room, one color: get inspired

Color undeniably creates an atmosphere in a room. It would even have virtues on individuals, this is called chromotherapy, or color therapy. Here are five colors that will set the tone in your room.

Red in the bedroom

Stella Cadente ### Red is a very stimulating color which is linked to energy and libido. By definition, it tends to make sleep more difficult, and does not facilitate the falling asleep phase. In the bedroom, we will use it by touches unless we want to give a very "caliente" atmosphere to this space, like the Moulin Rouge bedroom of Stella Cadente's house.

The brown in the room

Goal ### Brown or chocolate are very warm colors. Indeed, the brown tones are reminiscent of the earth and are therefore very comforting. Using brown in the bedroom will give a very cocooning atmosphere which will promote well-being.

White in the bedroom

Fly ### White is associated with light! It is a color, or rather a non-color that inspires both energy but also lightness. In the bedroom, white lets you clear your head and helps you relax.

Blue in the bedroom

Dulux Valentine ### Blue is the color of serenity. This color will relax the atmosphere in the room to facilitate falling asleep. Blue also promotes focus, which will help you take stock of your day before falling asleep.