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10 styles of garlands for festive gardens!

10 styles of garlands for festive gardens!

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Birthday, aperitif, special date or simple meal with family or friends: all excuses are valid to sow a party atmosphere outside. A few garlands under the arm, and off we go! Especially since all styles are allowed…

Garland of stars

Alinéa Come on, we divert the stars from the Christmas tree into a romantic garland for the summer. A rather successful inter-seasonal conversion!

Balloon garland

Ferm Living Who says birthday outside party says fishing for good decoration ideas! Here is a good one for you: a vast rope on which are strung dozens of balloons of all colors. In short, a very nice birthday garland!

Matching garland

Ikea What if we borrowed a few square meters from the fabric used as a tablecloth? To compose a garland matching the table decoration, we validate!

Flower garland

Ikea Since we discovered it, we have been a fan of this idea: assembling a series of miniature vases on a string and nesting flowers from the garden. The most romantic formula for improvising a decorative garland. Unusual, bucolic!

Fabric garland

Ikéa If you have a few scraps of decorative fabric left, consider using them to form a beautiful garden garland! Cut everything out in the form of mini flags, then assemble the set.

Multicolored garland

Ikéa Nothing like a multicolored garland to accompany a highly festive aperitif between cocktails, lanterns and company. Light for favor!

Mismatched garland

Castorama Improvised garland, mismatched fabrics! Because assembled on a string or a ribbon, a few scraps of fabric recovered here and there do wonders ... and change the serenity of the garden in celebration!

Light string

AM.PM Thanks to this trio of garlands strolling just above the table, the meal lights up in a highly festive facet…

Paper garland

Ferm Living There is better than throwing scraps of patterned paper (or wallpaper)! By cutting out triangles by the dozen, it's easy to improvise a decorative garland for the garden and for children!


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